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Dino Costa: Truth Unscripted

Uncompromising sports talk show host Dino Costa talks about his journey from homelessness to fame prior to his public fall from grace at SiriusXM. SALES AGENT: Adler & Associates Entertainment Over the last few years, we began the journey of documenting the life behind the microphone of Dino Costa. The ups and the downs. His struggles, … Continue reading Dino Costa: Truth Unscripted

One Man’s Journey to Truth

ONE MAN’S JOURNEY TO TRUTH is available at,, and       CAST & CREW Director:  Joel Franco Director of Photography: Dave Negrin Music by:  Trevor Coleman Editor: Anthony Bernard Sound Designer: Karol Urban “One Man’s Journey To Truth” is a story about destruction and rebirth, discovery and truth. Denie Hiestand’s journey from obscurity as a … Continue reading One Man’s Journey to Truth

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